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I just want to be wonderful.

mod post: news

Hello members and visitors to glitter_plastic the icon journal of miragoesoff.

Due to the problem of members not being able to see post's I have decided to open my icon journal to everyone.

One of the rules has changed-

+ My request post's will continue to be for members only and completed icons will be posted for only those members to see (this makes sure there is no stealing).

As for the rest they stay the same-

+ Please read the rules of the community before taking icons or joining.
+ Please leave a comment telling me which icon/s you have taken so I know what you like :)
+ It is a must that you always credit glitter_plastic. Please leave a link in your user info to this journal if you use a banner/friends only.
+ No hotlinking
+ No changing icon designs or claiming as your own
+Stealer's will be persecuted by the karma police!
+ Please always follow the rules or you will be banned.

Thank you and I hope you all continue to enjoy my icons!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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